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Mathematica Lab Tutorials: Lab 1

Lab questions

This lab covers Variables, Matrices, Built-in Functions, and Plotting:

  1. Consider the relationship

        \[ y=\sin{\frac{\pi x}{6}} \]

    Find y' and y''. Evaluate y, y', and y'' at x_0=1. Then, plot the relationships y, y', and y'' for the domain x\in[-5,5]. Label your plot and plot legend appropriately.

  2. Consider the sequence whose terms are a_n=\frac{1}{3^n}. Evaluate the sum of the first twenty terms. Then, evaluate the infinite sum

        \[ \sum_{n=1}^\infty a_n \]

    Use the ListPlot command to plot the first ten terms of the ordered pairs (i,\sum_{n=1}^ia_n). Label the plot appropriately and use the option “Joined->True”.

  3. Consider the matrix

        \[ M=\left(\begin{matrix}1 & x\\ x & 1\end{matrix}\right) \]

    Plot the relationship between the determinant of M and x for x\in[-5,5]. Label the plot appropriately. From the plot, can you identify the values of x for which the determinant is equal to zero?

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