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Engineering at Alberta is committed to providing engineering students with as many resources as possible to facilitate the students’ learning experience. With this in mind, this website was born to provide a platform for educators to publish their open educational resources to help our students and all engineering students around the world in their pursuit of knowledge. The website is arranged in books. Each book presents a set of open educational resources designed for a particular engineering course. The resources could include text, videos, interactive examples, or downloadable content such as code snippets.

The material on this website is licensed under a creative commons license. You can learn more about this here. In addition, at the bottom of every page, you will find information pertaining to the creative common license as well as a link describing how to cite pages within this website.

In response to the threat of COVID-19 and the transition to remotely delivering our courses in the Fall of 2020, Engineering at Alberta has prepared a multitude of resources to ensure that students have a vibrant experience while learning remotely. Please visit this page to learn more. You can also watch the message below from our Vice Dean Dr. Jason Carey.


One of the essential features of this website’s platform is the inclusion of interactive elements. These were created to encourage students to learn the concepts through exploration. The interactive elements have a multitude of forms. Some are in the form of Mathematica code that was provided for the students to copy and paste into their own Mathematica software. Other interactive examples rely on JSX graph or vPython which are publicly available libraries that provide a Javascript file to embed on the web. Additionally, some examples require a dedicated Python server that the faculty has made available. For instructors wishing to create content within this platform, we have created manuals pertaining to the different tools. These can be found here.

About Engineering at Alberta

Engineering at Alberta has four departments; Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Chemical and Materials Engineering. You can learn about them on the Faculty’s website.

If you have any questions or comments about the Engineering at Alberta Open Educational Resources, please contact Dr. Samer Adeeb.