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Displacement and Strain: Videos and Tutorials

In the following lecture, I introduce the concept of a deformation function and the restrictions on the deformation function to describe a continuum object. Simple deformation functions are then introduced.

In the following part, the deformation gradient and the displacement gradient are introduced along with their physical interpretations.

In this part, I introduce three different uniaxial strain measures: The Engineering, true and Green strain measures. Then, the three dimensional Engineering (Infinitesimal) and Green strain measures are introduced along with examples to demonstrate their usage.

In this tutorial, I go over a few problems in the textbook that discuss deformations and strain. In particular, I show the student how to calculate the Green and infinitesimal strain matrices using the displacement gradient tensor. I also introduce the functions: “Solve[]”, “Flatten[]”, “Subscript[]” and the rule assignment in Mathematica. I also introduce the vector and contour plots in Mathematica through an example in the textbook.

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